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LaGray is the first vertically integrated pharmaceutical manufacturing company in West Africa. We produce both active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage forms. We are the first manufacturer of APIs in West Africa. Vertical integration gives us control over quality from start to finish.

  Our focus is on drugs for treating respiratory tract infections, HIV-AIDS, opportunistic infections, malaria, and tuberculosis.  Other targeted areas are  parasitic, bacterial and fungal infections as well as dermatological diseases commonly found in the tropics.  



Frost & Sullivan African Excellence Award

ANDI Center of Excellence

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  • Fully integrated manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations
  • Compliant with international standards of Good Manufacturing Practices for pharmaceuticals

  • Production of critical branded generic and voluntarily licensed drugs

  • Focus on critical needs for saving lives and improving the quality of life in Africa

  • A partner in the fight to against the vicious cycle of poverty and disease in Africa

  >70% of mortality in sub-Saharan Africa is due to disease.  Disease also contributes to massive economic losses in the region. Effective drugs exist for treating most of these diseases, the issue is affordability and availability. We are poised and striving to make a difference.

Our current range of products includes  oral antifungal and antibacterials, dermatologicals, antiretrovirals, antiinflammatory agents, antiulceratives etc.

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